Creation, Rebellion and Rescue: Big Questions from Genesis 1-3

The book of Genesis has long fascinated people of all ages. As a kid I remember opening the family Bible and staring at the artistic renditions of creation, Adam and Eve (fig leaves appropriately positioned to cover their privates) and the waters of the deluge. Genesis is foundational to the Bible’s big story and the good news about Jesus Christ. It explains where everything came from, why we were created, how things got so screwed up and it sets up the beginning of God’s rescue plan for people and planet. More than that, Genesis tells us that God has a big reconciling heart. First impressions matter. The first book of the Bible establishes our first impressions about God. The God who created everything out of nothing loves us and designed everything for His glory and our good. From the very first chapters we discover that He is especially fond of us and wants to bless us (1:28). Wow!

This new blog series is based on a class that I taught at Fox Valley Church earlier this year. Originally planned as a four week class, it quickly spilled over into two months. The Scripture was too good to skim over and the questions raised from the class were too interesting to skip past. The questions raised by the class participants will form the basis of this new series:

  1. How should we read Genesis 1-3? Is it history or mythology? (a three part answer)
  2. How old is the universe and the earth?
  3. Are the days of Genesis chapter one 24 hour days of one earth week?
  4. Where did we come from? Did we evolve from preexisting hominids, come from the stars or were we made by an immediate act of God?
  5. What does it mean to be made in the image of God?
  6. Where is the Garden in Eden located and what about the two trees?
  7. Could Adam have been eaten by a lion?
  8. What does Genesis tell us about God’s plan for marriage and family?
  9. What is our purpose in life?
  10. How did everything get so screwed up and what has God done to rescue us from death?

I’m trying to keep the list to ten questions, but please let me know if there’s a burning question that didn’t make it. I will try to thread the needle of provided “solid meat” for Bible study, while speaking with simplicity and clarity. You’ll get the most out of this series by praying, reading your Bible and drinking a good cup of coffee. Stay tuned!