The Virgin Birth

Q: Why Believe In The Virgin Birth

The Apostles’ Creed is one of the earliest confessions of the Christian church. I believe in “Jesus Christ…who was concieved by the Holy Spirit and born of the Virgin Mary.” Everyone believes in a Virgin Birth, the only question is which Virgin Birth you choose to accept.

Explore God

Q: Why Does God Allow Pain and Suffering?

For some people, this question can be a stumbling block between them and their relationship with God. In this message Adam reveals some helpful insights to God’s purpose for our pain and suffering.

Explore God

Q: Is there a God?

Dostoevsky said, “Without God everything is permitted.” This message is part of an ongoing-conversation in the Chicagoland area between Christians and non-Christians called Explore God. Why does belief in God make better sense out of what we see and experience than the no-god story?

Hasten the Day

In the long emergency of the last days, mockers will come denying the second coming and telling us that judgment is a myth. In the mundane of raising kids, paying bills and making good grades, it’s easy to live like skeptics, but 2 Peter reminds us that judgment is not idle and Jesus’ return will take many by surprise. As we wait for Jesus’ return, how should we live?

Hasten the Day: Recorded May 20, 2018

The Day Of Trouble

The Day of Trouble comes slowly and then all at once. Trouble may take us by surprise, but not God. Charles Spurgeon reminds us that God “delivers by trouble.” Not from it, but by it. God has a way forward us in our Day of Trouble and His presence instills confidence and incites worship.

The Day of Trouble: Recorded June 4th 2017

The Day of Trouble: Recorded June 11th 2017


The Book of Judges has been described as “despicable people doing deplorable things.” What is God’s purpose in choosing unlikely and deeply flawed people?

Believe: God Working Out His Purposes in Judges: Recorded March 5, 2017

My Way Back

According to a recent Gallup Survey, 92% of Americans believe in God, but belief that He exists doesn’t translate into a meaningful relationship. The word that best describes our actual relationship with God is “distant”. We live separate lives. This theme of separation is all over God’s Word, but the big story of the Bible is that God has closed the distance. He not only wants to be found, but He’s looking for us. Can we find our way back to God?

My Way Back to Real Life Change: Recorded Jan. 17th

My Way Back from Helplessness: Recorded Jan. 25th

My Way Back from Death: Recorded Jan. 31st

After Party

Is there anything better than ministry success? There’s something about a win that needs celebrating and we have a lot to celebrate.

After Party (Luke 10:17-24) April 23, 2017


God works through broken and surrendered hearts. What does your heart break for? In Nehemiah’s day, God was at work through the broken heart of man to build a wall around the city that bore His name (1:4, 9), but today God is building something different — He’s building His church, not a place of brick and mortar, but a people, what the NT calls “living stones”.

God put it in my heard: Recorded 6-19-16

God put it in my heard: Recorded 6-26-16

God put it in my heard: Recorded 7-3-16

God put it in my heard: Recorded 7-10-16

God put it in my heard: Recorded 7-17-16