Wrecked-How to Keep Success from Killing You (Intro)

Wrecked!-How to Keep Success from Killing You & the People You Love CHPT 1| Success is good, but dangerous “Success is dangerous.” – Pablo Picasso Success is good. Success is “winning in life” and we all want to win. We want it so bad that we can taste it. Success is a gift. To call […]

Telling the Story Pt. 5: How to Tell Your Story

Do you know how to tell the story of how God had mercy on you?

Why did the Prophet of Bethel Lie?

Question: Why did the old prophet of Bethel lie to the prophet of Judah?  (1 Kings 13) This question comes by way of Facebook. Why did the old prophet from Bethel deceive the man of God from Judah? This story comes from the book of 1 Kings, which is the original Game of Thrones, but […]

Telling the Story Pt. 4: Win their Hearts

Thanks for tuning into another episode of Ask Pastor Adam. We’re in a “how-to” series called Telling the Story of Jesus (Without Making it Weird) and today I want to go a little deeper into why developing a relationship matters. Deep relationships are going to cost us numerous cups of coffee, shared meals, sacrificial acts […]

The Relational Approach-Telling the Story Pt. 3

Let’s push deeper into telling the story without making it weird. This episode looks at Jesus’ approach and will leave you with a simple, but effective missional challenge. Get yourself on mission and you will never lack for the Spirit’s power and joy.

Way To Make It Weird!-Telling the Story Pt. 2

This episode looks at three ways that we make the gospel weird (as well as Paul’s strategy for telling the story of Jesus). My hope is that you’ll make the most of your windshield time or commute and get yourself equipped so that everyone, everywhere can hear the story of Jesus. Stay tuned for more!

Telling the Story of Jesus (Without Making it Weird) Pt.1

One of the last things that Jesus said before taking His seat at the right hand of God was, “As the Father has sent Me, even so I am sending you.” Jesus sent His church into the world to show and tell the story of Jesus, but how do we do that in a culture […]


Genesis series: Was Noah’s Flood Local or Global?

Was Noah’s Flood Local or Global? As a kid I loved reading the newspaper. I’d thumb through the soft pages of paper until I found the comics section. Sunday was the best, not because of all the coupons, but because the comics were printed in full color. My favorite comic strip was a single-panel series […]


Genesis Series: Noah’s Flood-A Story about Judgment and Grace

Noah’s Flood: A Story about Judgment and Scandalous Grace Then the LORD saw that the wickedness of man was great on the earth, and that every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. The LORD was sorry that He had made man on the earth and He was grieved in His […]


Genesis Series: A (Mercifully) Short Word about a Big Problem

Noah’s Flood: A (Mercifully) Short Word about a Big Problem The waters first began to churn over the Bahamas as tropical forces combined to produce one of the most devastating tropical storms in recent history. Katrina made landfall as a tropical three hurricane on August 29th, 2005 in Southeast Louisiana. Poorly maintained levees failed and […]