Is Calvinism Biblical? Two Christians in Conversation (Part Two)

Adam, Thank you once again for the thought out answers.  I am appreciating the discussion as well and am looking forward to more! Based on the answers below, I have one area that needs clarification. -Since, it appears you fully accept the Doctrines of Grace, what is the difference of being a Compatibilist vs. a […]

Is Calvinism Biblical? Two Christians in Conversation

What is Calvinism? What does the Bible say about what it teaches? Can we reconcile God’s Sovereignty with human responsibility? These are big questions and even though this is an “in-house” debate, good Christians can and often do disagree sharply. Some will even divide over it. What follows is an on-going debate between two Christians, […]

Top Trends for 2019

Top Trends for 2019 Every New Year starts out with a bang and ends with the promise of better things to come. Instead of a bang, last January lurched forward with a cyclone, a missile and laundry detergent. Remember? C’mon, it’s only been a year! The East Coast shivered under a “bomb cyclone” as snow […]

A Christmas Reflection for Skeptical Friends

Click above to listen or read on below… Christmas is coming! I’ve strung up the lights to shove out the darkness and my wife is baking cookies to bring warm, gooey-goodness into the world. Bells will be ringing. Ding! Dong! Ding! Dong! Choirs will be singing and women everywhere will curl into their favorite couches […]

Wrecked–Man-Down! (Chpt. 3)

CHPT 3| Man-Down! “When God wants to drill a man and thrill a man and skill man…” -Anonymous Joseph is a man down. Down is directional. His low-down, dirty brothers cast him into a pit. He must have cried for hours. Cried until his spittle dried up and his lips cracked. Later, these same dirty […]

Wrecked-Success and the Hidden Hand (Chpt. 2)

“The worst thing that can happen to a man is to succeed before he is ready.” -D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones Ridiculously Handsome Joseph was 17 and ridiculously handsome. It’s rare for the Bible to describe a person by their appearance. We have no idea what Adam and Eve looked like. We have no idea what Noah […]

Wrecked-How to Keep Success from Killing You (Intro)

Wrecked!-How to Keep Success from Killing You & the People You Love CHPT 1| Success is good, but dangerous “Success is dangerous.” – Pablo Picasso Success is good. Success is “winning in life” and we all want to win. We want it so bad that we can taste it. Success is a gift. To call […]

Telling the Story Pt. 5: How to Tell Your Story

Do you know how to tell the story of how God had mercy on you?

Why did the Prophet of Bethel Lie?

Question: Why did the old prophet of Bethel lie to the prophet of Judah?  (1 Kings 13) This question comes by way of Facebook. Why did the old prophet from Bethel deceive the man of God from Judah? This story comes from the book of 1 Kings, which is the original Game of Thrones, but […]

Telling the Story Pt. 4: Win their Hearts

Thanks for tuning into another episode of Ask Pastor Adam. We’re in a “how-to” series called Telling the Story of Jesus (Without Making it Weird) and today I want to go a little deeper into why developing a relationship matters. Deep relationships are going to cost us numerous cups of coffee, shared meals, sacrificial acts […]