“Miller time!” A ministry update from Adam and Renal Miller

It’s Miller time!” What do you think? I’m looking for a “hook” for our ministry updates here in Louisville. Jay Fast has “Fast Family Bite Sized Updates” and Mark and Kathy Kato have “African Shores” (or something equally cool). “Miller time” is a word of encouragement, voiced by George Kelly whenever I mounted the pulpit at Fox Valley Church. Knowing my commitment to bring the Word with clarity and without comprise, George would say, “It’s Miller time!” I realize that “Miller time!” is risky. Kind of like throwing a party labeled BYOB, but really meaning “Bring Your Own Bible.” “Miller Time!” is an update from Adam and Renal Miller about our disciple-making exploits here in Kentucky (beyond that, it’s a thumb in the eye to legalists). Maybe its a dumb idea. I don’t even like the taste of beer! Nasty stuff and definitely an acquired taste! Feel free to talk me down from the ledge.

Renal and I are settling into Louisville. Settling is an important word, because as we seek to make disciples here in Louisville, we are walking in the ways of Christ. Before Jesus called Peter to follow Him, “…leaving Nazareth, He settled in Capernaum” (Matt. 4:13). Settling involves a change in location and relationships. We are meeting new people, establishing new life rhythms and visiting local churches. Here in Louisville, we have BBQ in abundance, but great pizza is elusive. O the things we sacrifice for the Kingdom!

BTW, thanks for the fervent prayers for her credentialing. God answers prayer! I also want to thank Fox Valley Church for the generous financial support. It has helped us with moving expenses and given me money to hang out in coffee shops and meet people.

Speaking of church, in His sovereign pleasure, God has bestowed a unique beauty on every church. So, we don’t expect churches here to be Fox Valley—there’s only one FVC! Nobody hear preaches like Pastor Tom and nobody here sings, “Who can stop the Lord almighty? No one!” like Brad Lawson. There are many beautiful churches here, but we’re still looking for a good fit for us. In the process, I believe that God is showing us more of what He might uniquely do through us.

As we settle, our next phase of ministry begins. Disciple-making is not rocket science! Jesus has left us with a pattern to follow. He created a God-centered, relational environment for producing disciples. Before he called Peter and John to follow Him (a call for commitment), He invited them into his home and hung out with them (Jn. 1:35-39). Only after Jesus developed relationships with Peter and John did He say, “Follow Me.” First curiosity, then commitment. So, Renal and I are developing relationships and hoping to invest in a few people. I’m “tent-making” (Acts 18:1-4) at a local martial arts academy and Renal is…, well, drugging people. Lol!

Nothing significant happens in the Kingdom of God without prayer. So, as I have stated on my website pastoradam.org, “I don’t want this to be cliche, but please pray fervently for us. No significant work of God happens without prayer. Seriously! I’d rather have you on your knees than reaching into your pockets for me.” Please pray fervently that:

  • God would be pleased to introduce us to people that need Jesus;
  • God would bring a small group together that contains our core team for planting here in Louisville by January. I am meeting this Sunday with a group of believers from Jiu Jitsu that want to make disciples and go deeper into God’s Word; and
  • God would expand the ministry impact of pastoradam.org. I have had several people at my Jiu Jitsu academy tell me that they’re enjoying the Genesis series. Praise God!